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Esprit des lieux et nouvelles technologies: le Grand Paradis dans votre portable.


Géoguide Grand Paradis is a pilot project that allows voyagers to discover the territory and the cultural heritage of Gran Paradiso through geo-referenced  itineraries that can be customised and thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies, like the augmented reality [...]

Géoguide Grand Paradis itineraries

Discover our itineraries in the Grand Paradiso National Park. Plunge into enchanting villages, ancient castles and wonderful landscapes. Download the road book, the GPS tracking and the audio-guides.

Géoguide Grand Paradis - Cogne

A pleasant stroll to discover Cogne, its mine, its historical centre, the wonderful landscapes it offers on the valley and on the Gran Paradiso.Discover the story of the village, its most characteristic spots and its main attractions listening to the tracks of the audioguide while walking through the village.

Géoguide Grand Paradis attractions

Discover the Grand Paradiso wonderful natural, historic and cultural attractions. Géoguide Grand Paradis offers useful tips for visiting the city centres and the points of interest of the area.

Photo Gallery

Watch the best pictures of our itineraries ordered by points of interest and geographical area, with a map of the points where they have been taken.

Interactive map

Mappa interattiva

Gran Paradiso Augmented Reality

The application Gran Paradiso Augmented Reality allows you to use the iPhone to identify elements of the landscape of Valle d'Aosta.

Food & wine

Discover the flavors of food and wine typical of our valleys and our tradition.

Fondation Grand Paradis

Fondation Grand Paradis is an organisation which aims at promoting and developing naturalistic and cultural tourism on the territory made up of the local councils of Valle d’Aosta within the Gran Paradiso National Park jurisdiction.