Food & wine

Introd Municipality

Lo Triolet
"Lo Triolet" is a farm located in Junod (Introd). The company is Martin family’s property and also deals with farm holiday. It extends over an area of three hectares dedicated to orchards, vegetables and arable crops. Inside the structure you can find a shop selling the wines they produce, including the famous Pinot Gris DOC, as well as fruit and vegetables in season.

Restaurant Pizzeria “Avalon”
Località Delliod, 4 - INTROD - 0165.95944

Restaurant “La Veillà”
Località Les Combes, 15 - INTROD - 0165.99233 – 3491462971

Restaurant “Maison Madeleine”
Località Les Combes, 41 - INTROD - 0165.99016

Ristorante “Le solitarie”
Località La Fabrique, 15 - RHÊMES-SAINT-GEORGES - 0165.907504 – 339.7589673

“Le petit bar”
Località Sarral - RHÊMES-SAINT-GEORGES - 0165.907647 - 333.4690941

Villeneuve Municipality

Glarey Marco’s beekeeping
At number 21 of Abbé Cerlogne Street locally-produced honey can be bought. The producer, Marco Glarey, is currently the president of the beekeeping consortium of Aosta Valley.

Maison Anselmet
The “Maison Anselmet” winery has its headquarters in loc.  La crête, in Villeneuve. It is famous not only in Aosta Valley for the production of valuable wines produced exclusively out of native varieties of grapes. The annual production of this family-run winery is of 20,000 to 25,000 bottles, and has about three hectares of cultivated land between the towns of Villeneuve and Saint-Pierre.

Segor Butchery and Delicatessen
Segor Butchery and Delicatessen, placed in the historic centre of Villeneuve, is well-known in the whole Aosta Valley for its production of typical cold-cuts. Here the visitor can find, for example, mocetta, the traditional dried meat from the Aosta Valley, and the typical sausages, as well as the renowned lard.

Pastry store- coffee bar  “Dupont Piera” by Bertola Giancarlo & C. Snc
Piazza Assunzione 8 - Villeneuve

Consortium  Pain de Coucou
Fraz. Trepont, 92  - Villeneuve

Aymavilles Municipality

 “Cave des Onze Communes” winery
Inaugurated in 1990, the cooperative winery “Cave des Onze Communes” collects and transforms the grapes of  its more than 220 associates, coming from eleven municipalities set in the heart of Aosta Valley. The winery has therefore a vineyards’ area of about 60 hectares and it produces about 350,000 bottles annually. In the winery a shop and a small eco-museum are also available.

 “L’Atoueyo” winery
“L’Atoueyo” winery, founded in 2000 by the wine grower Fernanda Saraillon, is set in Aymavilles, loc. Urbains. The name of the winery is strictly linked to the territory and to its history; it is also the term used in the local dialect to indicate the numerous small oratories  spread along the Aosta valley paths.
Built as a symbol of people’s gratitude for the grace of God, for particular events, but also simply for protecting travellers, these small buildings display the strict link existing between the rural populations and the religion.
The winery has  an arable area of about 20,000 km² displaced between 550 m. a.s.l. and 650 m. a.s.l. within Aymavilles municipality and produces about 20,000 bottles annually.

“Les Crêtes” winery
“Les Crêtes” winery is set in Aymavilles, loc. Villetos, since more than twenty years.  “Les Crêtes”, run by Costantino Charrère, the owner, and his family, produces about 230,000 bottles annually. The vineyards, distributed among six different municipalities, cover an area of 25 hectares. Visitors to the winery can view the 16th Century Côteau la Tour tower which stands high above the surrounding vineyards and is the symbol of Les Crêtes and its line of quality crafted wines.
The tradition is carried out: from generation to generation, in fact, the Charrère family has been dealing with the food farming production. Today the winery cellar offers the visitor a wide overview  on the Valley and a wine tasting room.

 “Gerbelle Didier” winery
The opening of the “Gerbelle Didier” winery dates back to 2006. Thanks to his diploma  got at the Wine School of Alba and to a family tradition in the wine field Didier, the owner, decided to start this activity aiming at stressing the importance of the native grapevines. The winery is set in Aymavilles, loc. Cherriettes.

Farm business “Maison Agricole Manuel Teppex”
The small farm business “Maison Agricole Manuel Teppex” is set in loc. Dialley, in Aymavilles. The wine production is particularly focused on Gamay and Torrette, two kinds of grapevines that are well adapted to the Aosta Valley territory. Manuel Teppex, the owner, also dedicates himself to the production of different varieties of honey.