Historic center

Aymavilles Municipality

Aymavilles is the latest  of the 74 municipalities in Aosta Valley Autonomous Region. With a surface of 53.41 Km², it stretches […]

Introd Municipality

Inhabited since the Neolithic, Introd is one of the 74 municipalities of Aosta Valley. This middle hill country […]

Loc. Les Combes

Despite belonging to the municipality of Introd, the village of Les Combes sits in a clearing that overlooks the municipality of Arvier. […]

Loc. Villes-Dessus

The village of Villes Dessus, which is part of the municipality of  Introd, is located at the crossroads between the regional road that climbs to […]

Pont d’ Aël Village

Upon the downriver right-hand side of the bridge, there is a compact built-up area named Pondaël, but known by its inhabitants as Pondy […]

Rhêmes-Saint-Georges Municipality

Rhêmes-Saint-Georges is a municipality of about 200 inhabitants set at the beginning of the Rhêmes Valley, at about 1200 m. a.s.l.. […]

The village of Villeneuve

Villeneuve in Châtel-Argent was thus named in 1273, when Philip Earl of Savoy bestowed the “patentes”. […]

Villeneuve Municipality

The municipality of Villeneuve is located at 640 m. a.s.l., about ten km away from the town of Aosta, along the road that takes to Monte Bianco tunnel. […]